About Us

The growth of the technology has paved the way to the growth of a number of popular video streaming sites and if so do you wonder what is so special about us? Do you think, we are yet another video streaming site, seamlessly streaming every available video for you? Nah, we don’t stream any video, but only those movies related to horror genre, no matter when it was released or in which country or language it was released, all you can view under one roof, that is our prominent video streaming site, which is available only on the Apple devices, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, but all for free of cost, any year and ever year.

What’s our motto?

To simplify the video viewing desire of the horror-movie-lovers, where they can easily pick from their favorite horror movies, belonging to any nationality or any era, and view them most realistically through our high-quality video streaming technology by simply subscribing or signing up for our service from any of your favorite Apple devices, throughout the year, that too for free of cost.

How do we make money?

Sure, we are here to make money through our business but never by burdening our customers and so we decided to operate free of cost, where our only source of income is not from your pocket, but from companies those that play ad, which you would be viewing in fair intervals that do not annoy your movie viewing experience. As these advertisements are our only source of income, we just execute this simple condition, where you wouldn’t be able to skip the ad before its completion. Just spending mere 40 seconds at fair intervals amidst your movie viewing schedule is going to be more profitable for you and for us. Isn’t it exciting to choose us for your productive horror movie experience? To activate our service on your favorite Apple devices, click here.